Congratulations on qualifying for the TMSAA Volleyball State Championships! Below is pertinent information for preparing for the tournament. Should you have any questions leading up to the event, please contact Emily Crowell at

All participating teams should plan to participate in a video meeting on Monday, October 2nd at 9:30am CT to go over procedures and answer any questions. ADs, Principals, and Head Coaches of participating teams will receive an email with an invitation to this meeting on Sunday, October 1st.

The 2023 TMSAA Volleyball State Championships will take place on October 5-6, 2023 at Legacy Courts in Franklin. For pool play and brackets, please click on your classification link at

Admission Prices (per day)

Advance Tickets are $8 per person on GoFan.
Cash Tickets at the gate are $10 per person.
Everyone age 5 and older must purchase a ticket.

TACA Cards will be honored when presented with a matching photo ID.
The TSSAA/TMSAA ID Card will NOT be accepted for admission.
School administrators who are registered on the TSSAA Portal can sign-in for free admission at the gate.

Parking - Parking at Legacy Courts is free. There is parking in front of the building and overflow lots behind and next door. Please only park in the designated areas indicated on the map below. School buses and vans transporting teams will be allowed to drop off at the main entrance and then be directed to the bus parking area.

Legacy Courts Parking Map

Legacy Courts Parking Map

Submitting Team Rosters - Coaches will be required to submit the team roster with player number, player name, position, and grade along with a list of coaches through the TSSAA Portal. This should be completed by Monday, October 2nd at 12:00pm CT. Below are the instructions for submitting the roster and coaches:

  1. Coaches must log into their TSSAA Portal account.
  2. Click on Sports
  3. Click on Rosters & Schedule
  4. Click on the Roster Details button beside Girls' Volleyball.
  5. Please note, you can change the first name of the student-athlete here (This will not change the spelling of their name on the core list of students.). If their last name is not correct or spelled incorrectly, please contact Shonnie Speicher ( and have the spelling corrected.
  6. After making sure that names are spelled correctly, you can start inputting jersey numbers (Lt#/Dk# = light jersey #/dark jersey #), position, and height for each player.
  7. Verify all of your coaches are listed.
  8. As you submit the requested information, we recommend you periodically hit the Save Changes button so you are not timed out of the system.

Team Arrival - Participating teams need to arrive as one party at the team entrance. The head coach will need to pick up the team packet. Each team will be allowed free admittance for no more than 14 players, a manager, and all coaches who are registered with TMSAA. Please note that your school will be invoiced through the TSSAA Portal for any additional persons entering with the team party. Teams should plan to arrive no earlier than one hour prior to their first match. Gates will open at 9:00am CT both days of the championship. There are no dressing rooms on site so teams should arrive dressed to play.

Team Bench Area - In pool play and bracket play, the home team will be listed first/on the top of the bracket and will choose their bench for the entire match (benches will not swap for each set). Each team bench will be limited to 14 chairs.

Pool Play - All teams will be placed in 4-team pools for competition on Thursday, October 5th. All teams will be seeded based on their pool play results to determine where teams are placed in the bracket for Friday's competition. The following progression will be used to determine seeding and break any ties:

  1. Overall record in pool play
  2. Matches won in head-to-head competition between the tied teams (in case of a 2-way tie)
  3. Percentage of sets won (# of sets won divided by # of sets played) amongst the tied teams
  4. Percentage of sets won (# of sets won divided by # of sets played) amongst all teams in the pool
  5. Point differential (total points earned minus total points allowed) amongst the tied teams
  6. Point differential (total points earned minus total points allowed) amongst all teams in the pool
  7. Coin flip

*In the event of a 3-way tie, when the above tiebreaker procedure has been utilized to determine the seed of one team, the tiebreaker procedure shall begin all over again starting at the top to determine the next seed.

    Bracket Play - Bracket play will be utilized on Friday, October 6th. The top two teams in each pool will be placed in a bracket to determine 1st through 4th place, while the bottom two teams in each pool will be placed in a bracket to determine 5th place.

    15-Minute Pre-Match Warm-ups- Warm-up balls will be provided. Participating teams should NOT bring any volleyballs inside the facility. At 15:00 on the pregame clock, there will be a meeting between the referee, team captains, and coaches.

    The following warm-up schedule will be followed:
    3 Minutes - General Passing (Both Teams on their Side)
    6 Minutes - Serving Team's Court
    6 Minutes - Receiving Team's Court

    Scorekeeping - VolleyWrite will be used throughout the tournament for scorekeeping. Teams do not need to provide a scorekeeper or libero tracker. Teams can keep their own scorebook from the bench, but will not have a seat at the scorer's table.

    Sports Medicine - An athletic trainer will be present. Those wishing to be taped should provide their own tape.

    Concessions - Concessions stands will be open selling food and beverages throughout the championships. No coolers or outside food or drink will be allowed inside Legacy Courts.

    Seating - Legacy Courts will have some bleacher seating and folding chairs set up for spectators. For safety reasons, spectators will not be allowed to bring their own chairs inside the facility.

    Game Ball - Wilson is the official ball sponsor of TMSAA. The state championship games will be played with the following ball: K1 GOLD WTH1895A1

    Awards - The following awards will be distributed to participating teams:
    1st Place: Champion team trophy, champion coach’s plaque, 20 champion team medals
    2nd Place: Runner-up team trophy, runner-up coach’s plaque
    3rd Place: 3rd place team trophy
    4th Place: 4th place team trophy
    5th Place: 5th place team trophy

    TMSAA Championship Merchandise - Northwest Designs is the official merchandise provider for the TMSAA. Northwest Designs will be on-site selling TMSAA Championship t-shirts and other championship paraphernalia. Merchandise can also be purchased online.

    Online Merchandise Store

    Media - All media should contact Matthew Gillespie by email at to request press credentials. The deadline to request credentials is noon CT on Tuesday, October 3rd.