Congratulations on qualifying for the TMSAA Basketball State Championships! Below is pertinent information for preparing for the tournament. Should you have any questions leading up to the event, please contact Emily Crowell at

All participating teams should plan to participate in a video meeting on Monday, February 7 at 8:00am CT to go over procedures and answer any questions. ADs, Principals, and Head Coaches of participating teams will receive an email with an invitation to this meeting on Sunday, February 6.

The 2022 TMSAA Basketball State Championships will take place on February 11-12, 2022 at 4 sites in Rutherford County, TN. For brackets, please click on your classification link at

Admission Prices (per day)

Advance Tickets are $8 per person on GoFan.
Cash Tickets at the gate are $10 per person.
Everyone age 5 and older must purchase a ticket.

TACA Cards will be honored when presented with a matching photo ID.
TSSAA ID Cards and TMSAA ID Cards will NOT be accepted for admission.
School administrators who are registered on the TSSAA Portal can sign-in for free admission at the gate.

Parking - Parking will be $5 per day per vehicle. Payers will receive a parking pass that will allow them to leave and reenter. School buses and vans transporting teams will not be charged for parking.

Team Entrance - Participating teams will enter at the designated team entrance for their venue. Each team will be allowed free admittance for no more than 15 players, 2 managers, a scorekeeper, and all coaches that are registered with TMSAA. Please note that your school will be invoiced through the TSSAA Portal for any additional persons entering with the team party. Teams should plan to arrive no earlier than one hour prior to their game.

Pass List - Each school may submit a pass list with 10 names for complimentary admittance at the site where they are participating. School administrators who are registered on the TSSAA Portal can sign-in for free admission at the gate and therefore do not need to be on this pass list. Please email a list with the 10 names of individuals that you wish to receive the complimentary admittance to Kennedy Emebunor at by 12:00 PM CST on Thursday, February 10. This list will be available at the main admission gate at your site. Please tell the individuals on this list that they can only gain entry by identifying themselves at the main admission gate. Teams that do not email a list by this deadline will not receive any complimentary tickets. Please remember that everyone must have a ticket or arrive in the team party in order to enter the facility.

Line-Up Sheets - A completed line-up sheet must be turned in at the team entrance gate when you arrive at the tournament site. List all players in numerical order. The starters should be listed first, followed by the non-starters. We will use this list for your Saturday game as well unless you notify us of any changes.

Dressing Rooms - Dressing rooms will be assigned by the host school. You will be taken to your dressing room upon arrival.

Bench Area - There will be 16 chairs on each bench. Fifteen players may dress for the game. Chairs in the bench area are for the following only: players not participating, coaches who are full-time employees of your local board of education or are non-faculty coaches who are registered with TMSAA, students who are serving as managers or statisticians, and medical personnel. No one else will be allowed in your bench area. There will be one additional seat at the scorer's table for your scorekeeper.

Water will be provided at each bench. However, you should bring your own towels for the bench area and also for use in the dressing room.

Team Bench Locations and Bracket - The top team in each bracket is the home team and will wear white jerseys. The bottom team in each bracket is the visiting team and will wear dark jerseys. As you stand at mid-court and face the scorer's table, the home team bench will be on the right and the visiting team bench will be on the left. In the consolation games, the team that came from the bottom part of the bracket will be the home team.

Starting Times & Warm-Ups - Please refer to the tournament bracket, which gives you the starting times for each game. No game will start earlier than the posted starting time.

Teams participating in the first game of each session may warm-up with basketballs no earlier than 20 minutes prior to the starting time. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 10 minutes warm-up time.

Balls for warm-ups will be furnished. Only the two teams participating in a game may warm up prior to the game or at halftime of that game.

Game Administrator’s Meeting, National Anthem, Player Introductions - At ten minutes on the game clock, there will be a game administrator’s meeting at the mid-court area with both head coaches, referee, head of security, and the game administrator. A TMSAA staff member will be responsible for the meeting.

Prior to the first game of the day at each site, the National Anthem will be played at 0:00 minutes on the game clock. Teams should go to the bench area for the playing of the National Anthem.

The visiting team will be introduced first, followed by the home team. Players should go to the free throw line as their name is called.

Cheerleaders - Sixteen cheerleaders in uniform, one mascot, and one cheer sponsor will be admitted at no charge at the participating team entrance at sessions in which your team is playing. Only 16 cheerleaders and one mascot may cheer on the floor. Any school bringing more than 16 cheerleaders will be invoiced through the TSSAA Portal for the additional individuals.

Sports Medicine - Athletic trainers from Rutherford County schools will be present at all games.

Game Ball - Wilson is the official ball sponsor of TMSAA. The state championship games will be played with the following:


WTB0700: Official Size


WTB0701: 28.5 Size

Awards - The following awards will be distributed to participating teams:
1st Place: Champion team trophy, champion coach’s plaque, 20 champion team medals, game ball, net
2nd Place: Runner-up team trophy, runner-up coach’s plaque, game ball
3rd Place: 3rd place team trophy, game ball
4th Place: Game ball

TMSAA Championship Merchandise - Eagle Sportz will be on site selling TMSAA Championship t-shirts and other championship paraphernalia.

Media - All media should contact Matthew Gillespie at the TSSAA office phone number (615-889-6740) or by email at to request press credentials.

Hotel Information - Click here to see a list of hotels that are offering special rates to participating teams.