TMSAA Basketball is divided into 3 classifications - A, AA, & AAA. Click here to find classification lists.

Sectional Brackets

Sectional basketball tournaments must be completed by Saturday, February 6, 2021. The winner of each sectional tournament will advance to the state championships. Please email your sectional bracket with team names and game times to Emily Crowell at as soon as your teams are known and then continue to send updates as teams advance. We should receive an email from you on February 6 notifying us which teams have advanced to the state championships. We will post your bracket and any other relevant information for your sectional here.

Admission & Finances
The admission price per day for the sectional tournament is set by the host school.

The TSSAA Championship Event card and the TACA card (presented with ID that matches name on card) are the only passes that should be accepted for entry. Each admits one only. The TSSAA ID and TMSAA ID cards are for regular season events only and should not be accepted.

Expenses, including officials’ payments, must be paid from the gate receipts and then any leftover amount is to be divided among the participating schools.

Host schools may retain all money from concessions and parking, should they choose to charge for it. Parking fees should not exceed $5 per vehicle per day. Host schools may also handle negotiations with a t-shirt vendor. In order to use the TMSAA logo, schools should contract with Eagle Sportz by calling Vicki Smith at (770) 607-6611 or emailing

Officials must be paid by the tournament director from the gate receipts.

Game Ball
The host school must provide the game ball and warm-up balls. If available, please use the official TMSAA game ball:

WTB0700: Official Size
WTB0701: 28.5 Size

TMSAA provides the following awards for Class A, AA, & AAA Girls’ & Boys’ Sectional Basketball:
Champion Team Trophy
Runner-Up Team Trophy

Should you wish to order additional trophies or medals for your Sectional tournament, please complete this form and email to the address provided. Please give ample notice for ordering, especially if you are ordering team medals.

State Championship Information

Information about the TMSAA Basketball State Championships on February 12-13, 2021 in Rutherford County can be found here.