Football Regulations

  • NFHS Football Rule 3-1-2 (Mercy Rule); Beginning in the second half, if the point differential is 30 points or more, a continuous clock will be used. The clock will only stop for charged time-outs, injuries, and scores. The try will always be an un-timed down. The clock shall start when the ball is kicked on the kickoff. If the point differential goes below 30 points, go back to regular timing rules.
  • The ball to be used in games involving only players below the 9th grade may have the dimensions found in table 1-3-1 in the NFHS Football Rulebook. The NFHS Authenticating Mark does not have to be on the ball.
  • A Game Administrator must be appointed by the principal of each host school to supervise every varsity athletic contest. The Game Administrator must be someone other than the participating coaches. Ideally it should be a principal, athletic director, or another school administrator, but it may be the principal’s or athletic director’s designee due to staff commitments. The Game Administrator of the host school is required to conduct one meeting which must include the coaches, officials, and security personnel prior to the start of each varsity contest. Included in the pregame discussion is to be a review of the expected behavior of everyone involved in the contest.
  • Uniforms: The NFHS uniform rule regarding home (dark) and visitor (white) colors is waived. When both teams are wearing the same color, the home team must adjust.
  • Filming: Only the two teams participating in a game are allowed to film that game.