Cross Country

I. General Regulations

  1. TMSAA Uniform Rule: All uniforms must follow the NFHS Rules. The referee will warn every participant prior to the meet that they must compete in a legal uniform, and if a contestant competes in an illegal uniform, then that contestant is disqualified from the event. There are no team warnings or individual warnings after the meet begins. Officials should use preventative officiating as much as possible.
  2. For cross country competition the schools should be divided into two classes: Class A and Class AA for both girls and boys.
  3. The middle school cross country distance shall be 2 miles for both girls and boys.
  4. Four Sectionals (West, Middle, Southeast, and Upper East) will be held across the state with the qualifiers advancing to the State Championships. Due to the differing number of schools participating in each meet, the following will be the number of qualifiers from each sectional to the state meet: Upper East & Southeast will advance 26 qualifiers (top three teams and the five next best times) from each classification; West will advance 19 qualifiers (top two teams and the five next best times) from each classification; Middle will advance 66 qualifiers (top eight teams and the ten next best times) from each classification.
  5. Sectionals must be completed by September 25, 2021.
  6. State Championships will be held October 2, 2021 in Clarksville, TN.
  7. There will be a fee of $50 for a girls' team and $50 for a boys' team for each school that participates in the championship series. Check with your school administration to see if this was paid with your school's membership in August. This can be reviewed on the school ledger on the TSSAA Portal.