TMSAA Tournament Information

Tournament Information

  1. The state is divided into three sections (East, Middle, and West) for the purpose of having middle school tournaments.
  2. Each section is divided into smaller areas. Sections are considered similar to a high school region. An area is generally or similar to a district in high school.
  3. Area and Sectional administrators, athletic directors, and coaches should conduct a meeting to select directors, dates and sites for each tournament they decide to have. Area schools may decide to have tournament series in any sport.
  4. All tournament series information (date, site, director, etc.) in each sport must be submitted to the state office as soon as it is decided upon.
  5. Area and Sectional basketball tournaments should be completed each year by the Saturday prior to the TSSAA high school district basketball tournaments.
  6. During tournament play, each area and section may decide to divide schools into classifications as membership in the area increases.
  7. TSSAA and TMSAA will recognize any league that contains at least six member schools competing among themselves.
  8. Any school may be a member of the middle school association and choose not to participate in the tournament series.
  9. A school team may enter only one tournament series which will advance them to the sectional tournament. Schools must participate in the tournament series in the Area which they have been assigned. Any school desiring to move to a different Area must submit a written request to the state office. No school will be moved without a legitimate reason.
  10. Member schools may purchase tournament series awards containing the TMSAA seal by contacting the following:

    A & M Products
    575 Elm Place
    P.O. Box 266
    Princeton, IL 61356
    Phone: (815) 875-2667