TMSAA Tournament Financial Guidelines


  1. During the pre-tournament meeting, administrators shall vote on the amount each individual worker should receive (example: Amount to pay director, clock operator, announcer, gate keepers, custodian, etc.).
  2. Every host school shall prepare a financial report immediately following the tournament.
  3. Every school participating in the tournament shall be provided a copy of the financial report from the host school.
  4. Items included on the Tournament Financial Report should be income by details, itemized expenses, and total number of shares and amount to be divided per school. The amount divided should be the income minus the expenses. Shares per school should be determined based on the number of games each school plays.
  5. TMSAA strongly recommends that each school receive tournament shares based on the number of games played after all expenses are paid.
  6. It is recommended that concessions and profits from T-shirt sales, etc. be kept by the host school. This would not be included in the Tournament Financial Report.

A copy of the Tournament Financial Report shall be forwarded to the TSSAA office. PLEASE NOTE: TMSAA does not receive any money from these tournaments.