Information for Teams Participating in the TMSAA Track & Field State Championships


  1. All track coaches must pick up their team packet at the Track & Field Information Tent, which is located at the entrance outside the stadium on the main entrance sidewalk.  The track and field information tent will be open Friday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.   Each packet will have wrist bands for all coaches, wrist bands for all participants, and other valuable information for participants.  You will receive two coaches wrist bands.  If more are needed, please make sure the Coaches are registered on the Portal and go to the Information Tent to receive the wrist bands for the registered coaches.  You will receive one wrist band for each participant that has qualified for the State Meet. If you have a relay team that has qualified for the State Meet, you will receive two extra wrist bands. Coaches, please make sure that your competitors understand that the wrist band is the only way they can be admitted to the track and field competition.. The wrist band MUST be worn around the wrist. The wrist band CANNOT be worn on the ankle, belt-loop, backpack, etc. Furthermore, wrist bands will NOT be replaced unless the participant brings the torn wrist band to the clerk’s tent by the competitor’s gate.
  1. THE TRACK WILL NOT BE OPEN AT ANY TIME FOR PRACTICE. On Friday, a team may walk around the stadium to see the layout from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Warm-up areas will be open one hour before the first event. There will be a Coaches’ Box designated at each field event. Coaches must be in the Coaches’ Box or in the stands at all times. During the running events, coaches must be in the stands or outside the track area on either end of the stadium.  ONLY TMSAA PERSONNEL ARE ALLOWED ON THE TRACK OR FOOTBALL FIELD DURING RUNNING EVENTS.
  1. Tents for competitors can be set up on the grass area around the field and in the home bleachers.  The adjacent soccer field will be used as a warm-up area during running events.
  1. Admission Prices for the entire day are as follows:
    High School Students & Adults – $6
    Elementary & Middle School Students – $3
    The TSSAA Championship Event card will be the only pass accepted and will admit one person per card.  Each member school received two of these cards with their paid membership.  The TMSAA ID Card WILL NOT be accepted for admission.
  1. The Clerk of Course will be set up near the finish line. All participants must check in for running events when called to the Clerk of Course. They will be escorted to the starting line, awards stand, and will exit the track at the gate near the Clerk of Course. Athletes may not go from the grandstand area to the track area. Please go over this information with all athletes.
  1. Relay Cards – You will find relay cards in your packet if you have a relay team that has qualified for the State Track Meet. Names of the relay team members must be printed and signed by each competitor. The relay card must be turned in to the Clerk of Course on second call.  There are places for the four members of the relay team. Any person who has been turned in on your eligibility report may participate on the relay team, provided they are not in violation of the three-event limitation rule. The relay counts as an event for each competitor once they report to the Clerk of Course.
  1. Pyramid spikes will be the only spikes allowed. No spikes longer than ¼ “ will be permitted.