Two-A-Day Practice Regulations for Football

Practice time in pads may not exceed three hours in a single practice. If there are multiple practices in pads on a single day, the total practice time in pads may not exceed five hours, with practices separated by at least three hours of rest in a cool environment. No student shall participate in multiple […]

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TMSAA Tournament Financial Guidelines

TMSAA POST SEASON TOURNAMENT FINANCIAL GUIDELINES During the pre-tournament meeting, administrators shall vote on the amount each individual worker should receive (example: Amount to pay director, clock operator, announcer, gate keepers, custodian, etc.). Every host school shall prepare a financial report immediately following the tournament. Every school participating in the tournament shall be provided a […]

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TMSAA Tournament Information

TENNESSEE MIDDLE SCHOOL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Tournament Information The state is divided into three sections (East, Middle, and West) for the purpose of having middle school tournaments. Each section is divided into smaller areas. Sections are considered similar to a high school region. An area is generally or similar to a district in high school. Area […]

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